Make Your Article Writing Fast And Profitable

Profitable article writing is writing and submitting
informative articles with the intent to create traffic
that will create sales. With profitable article
writing, it is important you follow a proven pattern to
bring the bacon home- that is, to write articles that
lead to sales. 

Article writing is considered an old yet very effective
method of marketing and advertising. A lot of marketers
both new and professional have had a taste of writing
articles as a tool to market and promote a product or a
business. Most of these article writers have common
tips and techniques to dish out on how to be an
effective article writer.

Here are powerful tips to get to incredible conversions
and sales from article writing:

• Focus on what matters and leave the fluff out. Make
every word in the article count. Also, brainstorm on
how to write the article in such a way to make the
buyer purchase. .

• You have to be consistent in your goal when
writing. Don’t deviate. Your mission is to get the
reader to buy. Focus on that till the end.

• When writing your article, think of the readers you
have in mind and how to solve their problems. Once they
resonate with what you’re writing, you know you’ve had
a sale.

• To achieve the best result, you will have to churn
out new articles regularly to hold the mind of the
readers until they decide to buy. Readers normally
don’t purchase the first time they come in contact with
a product. Most often, they need to come in contact
with an offer several times before they make a decision
in your favor. 

• When writing articles, it is not about the use of
big terrifying words. On the contrary, it is about
speaking in a conversational manner with the reader so
he or she can warm up to you and make a purchase.
Always have this at the back of your mind when writing
articles especially ones in which you’re promoting an

• Article writing is all about writing from what your
inner soul tells you to write. People who read your
article material will have a way of knowing and sensing
your sincerity to reach out to them. When you relay
information to people, they will know if what you are
doing is all a charade or not. So, when you write,
follow your heart and soul.

• Article writing is all about perfecting your craft.
There is no such thing as a perfect article the first
time you write. Your skill of writing continues to
evolve as you write. Make sure that as you go on
writing, you develop yourself towards becoming the best
article writer there is.

• Article writing involves learning from others.
Deconstruct the articles written by others to know what
styles and techniques you can employ when writing your
next articles. It could be a headline that just blew
you away. It could be a call to action that would
certainly achieve a sale or leave the reader asking
himself “why didn’t I buy?”. Incorporate them into your

With the above, you’ll be able to write profitable
articles that convert very well. You’ll be able to turn
your article writing efforts into a money generator and
a comfortable source of livelihood. 

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