Article Writing – Your Key to Success

Have you wasted valuable time and money trying to promote your online business? If you’ve spent hard-earned cash buying ads online, you may have been disappointed with the results.

There’s a better way to advertise your business or website and it is free! Article writing is for you if you want great benefits that don’t cost anything.

By submitting and publishing quality articles, you’ll get lots of exposure and publicity — without a financial investment! You’ve probably realized by now that the internet is about information, so content brings visitors to your site. That’s a no-brainer!

Consider the possibilities of regularly writing articles to be published online.

Your work may be seen by millions. Articles written today can quickly appear on over 100 websites.

Google and other search engines are constantly looking for new content to feed content-hungry readers. Why not yours?

By keeping your work before the public, your blog or website will keep getting new visitors who may eventually convert to buyers. As your words spread all over the internet, your targeted traffic will increase. That’s how to reach lots of qualified buyers. 

By writing regularly, you can reach affiliates or joint venture partners who can help you move your product.

Most of your articles will be permanently displayed online. For instance, if you own a blog, most of your articles will remain on it unless you deliberately delete it.

With the unlimited reach of your articles, you can have millions of eyeballs reading it. You have blogs that have over a million visitors a month. That implies millions of people read the articles in those blogs every year.

Just think about it; your influence could span the globe!

Autism Is One Word Trying to Describe Millions of Stories | The Mighty

What you’ve written can show up in the most surprising places.

  1. Your words may wind up on a number of publishers’ home pages.
  2. You could get featured in a large online newsletter with thousands of subscribers.
  3. Your work could be published in a book or in magazines.
  4. An author may ask to use one or more of your articles in an e-book and you’ll be credited.
  5. You may get discovered and earn extra income through speaking engagements.
  6. You may be given the opportunity to speak on radio shows.
  7. You may even be interviewed for national newspapers.

You may not have to wait long before seeing amazing results.

As you submit your work as a guest post and to article directories, keep in mind that top-ranking sites are crawled by Google more often than other sites. When these sites publish your writing, you’ll soon see results.

With each article you submit, your reputation will grow. After you’ve submitted twenty or so, you may become a household name — at no charge to you!

An author’s works are often kept permanently on websites, so one keyword-rich article can bring thousands of hits for years to come. You can use these free SEO tools to search for keywords to rank your articles high.

Articles not only build your reputation but are probably the best way to raise your search engine ranking.

Reciprocal linking is viewed as less important to Google than one-way linking. If numerous sites point to your website without you linking back, Google rewards you with a higher rank.

You get backlinks automatically by submitting articles and you don’t even have to bother with link exchanges to increase rankings. You also don’t have to worry about Google’s ever-changing algorithm, changes that can dump your blog or website several pages down in one day.

Your published works prove you’re an expert — at least in the eyes of readers who view you as knowledgeable. You also establish credibility and trust. Your words can create your own brand for your website and business.

The written word has clout, so you can clinch your point. Writing brings personal satisfaction.

Excited woman watching funny movie on laptop Free Photo

There’s a great sense of accomplishment from sharing your expertise with the online community.

Real people are sitting behind computers in their homes or offices reading what you’ve written. Through the right words, you can build rapport with them.

You’ll probably get emails from time to time telling how something you wrote helped someone. And that’s satisfying!

So there you have it —

Writing articles can open surprising doors to success!

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